Company Profile
Company Profile
Company Profile

Pacific Color co.,Ltd. is dedicated to service the plastic industry with fast and affordable supplies of high quality masterbatch, dry colorants and compound.
We have been providing coloring solutions for plastics and rubbers for over 10 years.
We offer a full range of colorants and additives in various formats – powder, pellets and flake – for a wide variety of plastics and rubber applications.

Customer service is our top priority and we do not consider our customers and completely satisfied with our products.

Our company has the latest state of the art production machinery coupled with an ultra modern color matching application laboratory all manned by skilled and dedicated staff.

Our production range comprises of masterbatches for practically all polymer types and applications.

Color measurement and matching may seem to be simple concepts. But they represent some of the greatest challenges and difficulties in the plastics processing industry.
Understanding color is more than just picking a Pantone shade. Getting the appearance of the product or component right is fundamental to getting the product right. The appearance of a product is the first thing a customer notices and any mistakes or errors in terms of color or shade will immediately create a negative impact.

Color measurement can be carried out either by a human colorist or by instrumental means. Using a human offers exceptional differentiation between colors but is limited in how this information can be conveyed to others and used as a means of control. Instrumental methods sacrifice some color differentiation, but have advantages in that they are reproducible and quantitative for comparisons and standardization.